Will Gun Death Statistics Make The Lawmakers Act?

Gun control pros and cons

Gun death statistics are routinely compiled as statistics on many other issues are. The question is whether our lawmakers are taking notice of them. If they read gun crime statistics even cursorily, they will wake up from their slumber and take some effective steps that can have an alleviating effect on the problem of gun death. Even if they don’t take note of these, these statistics will help people understand the gun control pros and cons.

What do gun death statistics reveal? To me, the most important data revealed by them is about children. Gun control facts indicate that gun ownership and children becoming victims of gun death have a strong positive correlation. If not, how could one explain the startling fact that in locations where more people own guns, a larger number of children are killed by firearms? It will be naïve to ignore the connection and treat this as an insignificant coincidence.

Gun death statistics can effectively counter the argument put up by the anti gun control lobby that making laws on gun ownership more stringent will go against the right to own guns provided by the 2nd amendment, by revealing the fact that almost the entire 2nd amendment, constituting about 99 percent , was the work of people with no background in law, though they might otherwise have been qualified and well meaning in their approach.

Another front that gun death statistics should fight is the NRA which has been lobbying against stricter gun control laws. In spite of the fact that legislators owing allegiance to the NRA go to the extent of blocking CDC from even studying violent incidents involving the use of guns by framing rules that would deter the CDC, gun control statistics can show the alarming picture resulting from the unrestrained use of guns.

Gun control facts can also be used to show how stricter gun control legislation can have a wider impact by preventing suicides as much as murders and other forms of violence.

Gun control statistics can also counter the argument that having more guns would result in reducing the incidence of crime by showing that there is no evidence for this preposterous claim.

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