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There cannot be two opinions about the suggestion that gun control pros and cons should be considered by our legislators before they make up their minds about the need for a stronger gun control regime. But the question is whether they are doing this. Studying gun control pros and cons will be possible only if we have gun control facts updated. But some legislators have been doing everything they can, to stop independent bodies like the CDC from even making a study of gun violence. The legislators who do this seem to owe their allegiance to the National Rifles Association (NRA) which is known to be in the forefront of the anti gun control campaign.

If people are willing to look at the gun control pros and cons, keeping their minds free of prejudices, they will come across some shocking figures revealed by gun crime statistics. One study reveals that in a large number of homicides, guns are used to commit murders. The share of gun death in homicide killings is 60 percent. Anyone weighing gun control pros and cons will interpret this fact to be a definite indicator of the havoc unrestricted gun ownership can cause. People who take the side of the anti gun control campaign in a gun control debate should ponder over this fact.

Apart from gun death statistics, other issues to be covered under gun control pros and cons is the evidence presented in support of either side. While the pro gun ownership groups make out a case for unrestrained gun ownership on the plea that equipping people with guns will save them from becoming victims of crimes, there is no evidence to support this. This kind of assertions are assumptions with no basis. Another argument presented by this group invokes the principle of democracy to claim the right of gun ownership. They fail to understand that restrictions on gun control have the aim of arresting the tyranny caused by misuse of guns and that gun control is needed even to protect democracy.

On the other hand, people who support strong gun control measures are able to give concrete evidence to bolster their position. For example, Australia has demonstrated that crime can be reduced by making gun control laws stronger. This is a fact that should be included in listing gun control pros and cons.

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