Gun Death Becomes A Serious Issue

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Gun death has been assuming more and more serious proportions and this issue cannot be treated lightly any more. Perturbed by the gun death statistics, the average American is more concerned about gun crime today than anytime in the past. Anyone who considers gun control pros and cons with an open mind will see the urgent need to bring in tighter gun control laws, if we want to arrest gun crime. If this is not done, gun death will become as common a crime as is a petty theft.

Let us look at some of the most horrifying gun death statistics. People who oppose gun control legislation claim that possessing a gun will give the best protection to the owner and his family from becoming a victim of crime. Going through gun crime statistics, one does not find any evidence to support this strange assertion. On the contrary, gun control facts show that countries which have implemented strict laws on gun ownership have reported a significant drop in gun crime incidents like murders. In sharp contrast to the assertion made by the anti gun control groups, the real picture shows that murders and other gun crimes can be brought down by reducing the number of guns available with the people. Moreover, gun death statistics collected from these countries also show that gun control laws are effective not only in preventing murders but also in preventing suicides.

Another danger of gun ownership is also brought out by gun death statistics. It has been found that about 40 percent of children living in the houses that have guns know where their parents keep the guns. This fact points to the danger of the guns passing into the children’s hands. Such a development can have disastrous consequences by way of gun deaths due to accidental or improper use of the guns.

Some people challenge the case for gun control by invoking the 2nd amendment on the plea that the right of gun ownership given by this law is sovereign and cannot be subject to any control. But if we consider the fact that almost 99 percent of this amendment was created on the basis of information provided by people with no legal education, we can understand the weakness of this argument, especially when we are dealing with a serious problem like gun death.


The Real Issues Behind Gun Control

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When we think of gun control, the first thing that comes to our mind is gun death. Gun being a death weapon, the connection seems to be inevitable. Gun crime statistics also establish a connection between gun death and gun ownership. The logic seems to be simple. The more guns you have, the more gun deaths there will be. This is not a speculative statement but one based on gun death statistics.

Anyone studying the issue of gun control has to consider the facts about gun ownership and gun crime. Consider these two facts. The first one is that the US population has a proportionately higher gun ownership. While the US population is only 5 percent of the population of the world, 50 percent of the privately owned guns in the world are held by the US. The second fact is that every year, there are about 30,000 gun deaths in the United States. When we consider these two gun control facts together, we will be led to only one conclusion. The extent of gun crime is directly proportional to the extent of gun ownership.

If the above facts are not adequate to support gun control, look at one more data. It has been found that the suicidal rates are higher in those areas where the number of guns are higher. This correlation should cause concern even to the complacent ones. The question is whether we should afford a chance to people In our homes to kill themselves in a moment of emotional outburst, by readily making guns available to them in our homes.

Unfortunately, people against gun control do not pay heed to these gun control facts that have been brought out by various gun control articles. The National Rifles Association (the NRA) with its stance of no compromise is doing everything to prevent gun control. Its activities make one question its claim to be an association of sportsmen and consider it to be a body of lobbyists.


Gun Control Essay Hits the Nail On The head

Gun control articles

I happened to read a gun control essay in a periodical. After reading it fully, I felt that it had hit the nail on the head. What this gun control issue did was to elevate the gun control debate to a new level by presenting gun control facts in such a way that would leave no one in doubt about the imperative need for a strong gun control act. This gun control essay stood out from any other gun control article of its kind in the way it used gun crime statistics to drive home the point in the minds of its readers.

The gun control essay started with a stunning information that the Unite States was ranked below South Africa. It was the issue on which it was ranked that would shock the readers. The ranking was for the number of gun deaths for a population of 10,000 people. Any reader would have been upset by this information and proceeded to read further, wondering what more shocks would be in store as he read further!

The next piece of gun death statistics presented by this gun control essay was that the US had the dubious record of the highest proportion of gun ownership in the world. While the country shared only 5 percent of the world population, it housed about 50 percent of the privately owned guns of the world. Comparing the two sets of information, the article convincingly argued the point that having more guns was not a protection against crime. The gun control essay cited evidence pointing to the contrary that more guns would only result in more gun crime including gun deaths.

After presenting gun control facts in a way that the readers would appreciate the severity of the problem of gun control, the gun control essay went on to sum up its presentation and made out a convincing case to show that imposing some restriction on gun ownership is the need of the hour.