Gun Control Debate Has To Address New Issues

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The gun control debate is one of the oldest and one of the longest running events of our times. Though it may be difficult to point out when exactly the gun control debate began, we can say that the debate gained momentum after President Kennedy was killed by the bullets fired from a gun in 1963. Since then, the gun control debate has been becoming more and more intensive, with new gun control facts added every day, making the debate dynamic and vibrant

Since gun control pros and cons have already been discussed in detail, the gun control debate should take up new issues. These issues are new data relating to gun crime statistics that will make the debate more meaningful and the attitude of the people who have been vehemently opposing gun control. By way of presenting the situation indicated by gun death statistics, the control debate should highlight how the US stands in comparison with other countries, when the number of gun deaths in a country is expressed as a ratio to the population of that country by showing that the US is ranked worse than South Africa in the number of gun deaths for a population of 100,000

Another fact to be covered in the gun control debate is that in places where gun ownership is high, a larger number of children become victims of gun violence. Another related fact to be presented is that in homes that have guns, the chances of women and children getting killed by guns are high. These two facts presented in a debate will make people realize the urgent need to bring in a strong gun control legislation. Gun control debate can also reveal that the gun control issue is not only about controlling crimes and maintaining law and order. The issue has an impact on the economy as well in that the US economy suffers a huge loss amounting to 3.7 billion dollars annually, as a result of gun crime.

Apart from listing facts and figures, the gun control debate should also look at the approaches of the pro gun and the anti gun control groups. The fact that the NRA (National Rifles Association) does not function like a political organization but like a lobbyist body should be revealed by the gun control debate.


Do Gun Control Facts Support Stricter Gun Control Laws?

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Gun control facts are constantly being updated by events unfolding every day. People who read gun control articles frequently will find that these articles are replete with gun death statistics. What is the message conveyed by gun control facts? Do they support the case for a stronger gun control or strengthen the arguments of the anti gun control people? We will look into a few gun crime statistics to find an answer to this question.

Research on gun crime shows that every year about 30,000 deaths are caused by guns in the United States. We may wonder whether this figure is large or not but when we express the number of gun deaths as a ratio of the population figure of our country and compare this ratio with the figures for other countries, we will find that the US ranks worse than several other countries, for example South Africa. This is the picture presented by gun control facts.

Gun control facts also show that there is a direct correlation between the number of guns in a region and the extent of gun crime in that region. Countries that have a smaller number of guns owned by people witness a smaller number of murders. Thus the data extracted from gun control facts clearly point out the need for restricting gun ownership.

But this course of action clearly indicated by gun control facts is not to the liking of some groups that have been opposing gun control reforms. Principal among these groups is the National Rifles Association (NRA). The NRA has been using the 2nd amendment as its weapon to oppose gun control. But it is ignoring the fact that nearly 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was based on the inputs provided by people with no legal background. Some legislators supporting the stand of the NRA also seem to be turning a blind eye to gun control facts. Some of these legislators are even working towards preventing more gun control facts from coming out. They do this by writing some rules that will have the effect of preventing independent bodies like the CDC and the National Institute of Health from even studying gun violence.


Gun Control Essay Hits the Nail On The head

Gun control articles

I happened to read a gun control essay in a periodical. After reading it fully, I felt that it had hit the nail on the head. What this gun control issue did was to elevate the gun control debate to a new level by presenting gun control facts in such a way that would leave no one in doubt about the imperative need for a strong gun control act. This gun control essay stood out from any other gun control article of its kind in the way it used gun crime statistics to drive home the point in the minds of its readers.

The gun control essay started with a stunning information that the Unite States was ranked below South Africa. It was the issue on which it was ranked that would shock the readers. The ranking was for the number of gun deaths for a population of 10,000 people. Any reader would have been upset by this information and proceeded to read further, wondering what more shocks would be in store as he read further!

The next piece of gun death statistics presented by this gun control essay was that the US had the dubious record of the highest proportion of gun ownership in the world. While the country shared only 5 percent of the world population, it housed about 50 percent of the privately owned guns of the world. Comparing the two sets of information, the article convincingly argued the point that having more guns was not a protection against crime. The gun control essay cited evidence pointing to the contrary that more guns would only result in more gun crime including gun deaths.

After presenting gun control facts in a way that the readers would appreciate the severity of the problem of gun control, the gun control essay went on to sum up its presentation and made out a convincing case to show that imposing some restriction on gun ownership is the need of the hour.