What Gun Crime Statistics Really Tell Us

Gun crime facts

In the wake of the terrible massacre at Newtown, much of the attention about new, stricter regulations on the proliferation of guns has stressed military assault rifles. However, an examination of the facts of gun violence in America clearly shows that new regulations must limit the spread of handguns as well.

Government gun crime statistics show that in fully two thirds of all US murders committed with a gun the homicide is by a HANDGUN. Apparently, military style weapons of mass destruction are the preferred tools of those intent on killing many people quickly. The AVERAGE murder however is the result of shooting someone with a pistol.

Gun crime statistics for all of Great Britain indicate there are only about 550 homicides per year (2011.) Compare that to the USA which had 12,664 murders of which 8583 were from hand guns.

These gun crime statistics are astonishing. That show that in America there are TWENTY THREE people killed for every ONE in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland combined!

Gun control articles also show that there is a genuine correlation between gun deaths and the number of households with guns in them. In the six states with the highest rates of gun ownership, an average of 53 percent of households owned firearms; in the four states with the lowest rates of gun ownership, an average of 13 percent of households contained firearms. From 1988 to 1997, the high gun states had more than 21,000 individuals who were homicide victims, compared with 7,300 in the low gun states. If you lived in a high gun state you were 4.2 times more likely to die in a gun related homicide than those who live in the low gun states.

Gun death statistics are REAL. They give us the reality of gun crime.

As Americans look toward developing better, more effective gun control laws we must permit gun crime statistics to speak to us. Gun control laws that don’t limit handguns will not limit gun deaths.


The truth about gun crime statistics

If the spectacle of kids’ getting skilled in the use of their parents’ guns is bad enough, what to
say of kids becoming victims of the gun culture? Won’t you be shocked to know that in
states and regions which have higher levels of household firearm ownership, more children
are dying from homicide. People who have a strong conviction that gun ownership will give
them protection are likely to be shaken by this revelation.

Another set of gun crime statistics that will shock you, has to do with the numbers. Can you
guess how many deaths are caused by the use of guns in America? There are, on an average,
30,000 deaths every year. You can decide whether this figure can be considered tolerable.

The damage caused by guns is not limited to precious human lives. There are also economic
damages. The loss caused by gun deaths is estimated to be a staggering figure of $3.7 billion
per annum.

Overall, the Picture presented by gun crime statistics should shock anyone who has a concern
for human lives and reasonable desire for peaceful living. Truth is sometimes lost in a
plethora of statistics. But statistics relating top gun crimes can’t be brushed aside if you
value human life and dignity of living.


Gun crimes and statistics

You may wonder why gun crime statistics should shock you when statistics, in general, are either
largely ignored by the public or looked at with skepticism. It is true that statistics are not the
most exciting thing in the world and one may be excused for not bothering about them. But
you can’t afford to adopt a casual attitude towards gun crime statistics.

Do you know that 60% of the murders occurring in the United States are by the use of firearms.
Well, homicide is bad whichever way it is committed but the fact that a vast majority of
them are committed using guns adds a new dimension to the crimes. A killer will not only
find the gun an easy weapon to commit the crime but will also be more inclined to act
impulsively. Holding a gun can be highly tempting even for an average person to use it,
especially when he has a target at hand.

Therefore it is no wonder that more gun crimes occur in a society which has a higher proportion
of people possessing guns. Gun crime statistics show that the US has a larger number of gun
deaths per 10,000 citizens than even a country like South Africa. Ranking below South Africa
on this count is a definite pointer to the alarming situation of the disaster potential of gun

We often come across instances of children getting involved in gun crimes. This is not surprising,
given the fact that about 39 percent of the children in the U.S. knew where their parents will
keep the guns. Perhaps you would like to know the percentage of children who know how to
load their parents’ firearms! So, gun crime statistics can neither be ignored nor treated with
skepticism and contempt.



Gun control statistics

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