Where Are The Gun Crime Facts?

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Most American are familiar with the basic gun crime facts, at least the most important one: How many gun deaths occur in the US each year. In case you don’t know, the number is about 30,000 people. Of these about 8500 are homicide and the rest are suicides. These are shocking gun death facts.
Perhaps even more significant is that almost three times that many people are wounded, grievously, by gun shots but don’t die. This is an appalling gun fact. Added to this shock is that Americans cannot get an exact number of gun injuries because the agencies charged will collecting this data are prohibited from doing so regarding gun crime facts.

Our national health agencies, specifically the National Institute of Health and the Center for Diseae Control have been subjected to regulations that restrict them from collecting facts if those facts will cast gun ownership in a negative light!

Naturally, the prohibition on gun facts inhibits conversations on gun control. How can American have an open sensible gun control debate if gun crime facts are prohibited from being collected? Gun control is a burning issue in America and yet gun crime facts are intentionally kept from us.

How did it come to pass that in the United States of America basic data like gun crime facts are prohibited from being collected? Blame the NRA. The NRA and a few unethical legislators who worked quietly outside of public scrutiny to shield gun manufacturers from having to confront the facts of the harm their products do in our society.

Here are the facts in a gun control article from journalist Anne Landman: “Why? Because the National Rifle Association (NRA) has long worked behind the scenes to block laws allowing the collection and dissemination of data about the impact of gun ownership on Americans’ safety. The NRA quietly pushed a provision that was inserted into the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) restricting the data doctors can collect from their patients about their ownership and use of firearms. From 1986 and 1996, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control conducted peer reviewed research into the impact of the presence of guns in people’s homes. While there is a widespread belief among gun owners that the presence of guns in their homes makes them safer, the CDC found the opposite — that having a gun in the home creates a 2.7 times greater risk of homicide and a 4.8 greater risk of suicide for the occupants. The NRA took action to prevent CDC from publicizing these results, and blocked continued funding of government research into the impact of firearms on citizen safety. An NRA congressional lobbyist got an amendment slipped into an appropriations bill cutting $2.6 million from CDC’s budget (the amount CDC had been spending on firearm research annually) along with a clause that says say “None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” What’s more, the federal agency responsible for regulating guns in the U.S. has been without a permanent director for six years…by design. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was split off from the U.S. Treasury Department nine years ago and since then Republican elected leaders, beholden to the gun lobby, have blocked confirmation of a director.”

Americans have the right to all gun crime facts so that we can make the best gun law!


Gun Death Becomes A Serious Issue

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Gun death has been assuming more and more serious proportions and this issue cannot be treated lightly any more. Perturbed by the gun death statistics, the average American is more concerned about gun crime today than anytime in the past. Anyone who considers gun control pros and cons with an open mind will see the urgent need to bring in tighter gun control laws, if we want to arrest gun crime. If this is not done, gun death will become as common a crime as is a petty theft.

Let us look at some of the most horrifying gun death statistics. People who oppose gun control legislation claim that possessing a gun will give the best protection to the owner and his family from becoming a victim of crime. Going through gun crime statistics, one does not find any evidence to support this strange assertion. On the contrary, gun control facts show that countries which have implemented strict laws on gun ownership have reported a significant drop in gun crime incidents like murders. In sharp contrast to the assertion made by the anti gun control groups, the real picture shows that murders and other gun crimes can be brought down by reducing the number of guns available with the people. Moreover, gun death statistics collected from these countries also show that gun control laws are effective not only in preventing murders but also in preventing suicides.

Another danger of gun ownership is also brought out by gun death statistics. It has been found that about 40 percent of children living in the houses that have guns know where their parents keep the guns. This fact points to the danger of the guns passing into the children’s hands. Such a development can have disastrous consequences by way of gun deaths due to accidental or improper use of the guns.

Some people challenge the case for gun control by invoking the 2nd amendment on the plea that the right of gun ownership given by this law is sovereign and cannot be subject to any control. But if we consider the fact that almost 99 percent of this amendment was created on the basis of information provided by people with no legal education, we can understand the weakness of this argument, especially when we are dealing with a serious problem like gun death.


Are There New Issues in the Gun Control Debate?

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When did the gun control debate begin? It may be difficult to answer this question. But we have been witnessing that the gun control debate has been going on for too long with absolutely nothing happening on the gun control debate. When gun control pros and cons have been brought out so extensively by the gun control debate, the question arises whether there are new issues to be discussed in these debates.

I think the issues that have to be discussed in any gun control debate are provided by gun death statistics. We have gun crime statistics that show the havoc being caused by uncontrolled gun ownership and gun control facts that show the positive results seen by countries that have implemented strong gun control facts. Let us review some of the issues that can be covered in a gun control debate.

1) One startling information that will have the effect of unsettling people watching the gun control debate is the ratio of guns available in the United States to the population of our country. There is approximately one gun for every American citizen including children. If you are interested in accurate figures, there are 89 guns for a population of 100 people, which works out to about 0.9 gun per each American!

2)A study of homicide crimes reveals that in about 60 percent of these crimes, guns have been used as the murder weapon. People participating in a gun control debate should judge whether gun should be a protective weapon or a destructive weapon.

3)A third fact that should be invariably revealed in any gun control debate is that women and children are likely to be victims of gun death if the houses they live in have guns. This is another data damaging to the claims of the gun control opponents.

4) What are the results of gun control measures in other countries? Australia which has brought in stronger gun laws has witnessed a steep fall in gun violence, by about 60 percent.

There are certain lobbies who do not pay heed to this kind of information revealed in a gun control debate and keep persisting with their anti gun control stand. The NRA (National Rifles Association), though considered to be a gun club, functions like a lobby and is not perturbed by the facts brought out by the gun control debate.


Fighting For the Truth on Gun Control

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There are many gun control articles that talk about the second amendment. One recent gun control essay completely ignored gun death and gun death statistics and focused instead on the idea that more guns in the hands of the public reduces crime. That’s absurd; there isn’t any evidence that more guns reduces crime in the America. However, the reverse is true. In 1996 strict gun control laws were instituted in Australia which reduced gun violence by 60 percent ! FACT!

Many on line gun control articles ignore the economic damages caused by gun deaths which are estimated at$3.7 billion a year. That is $3.7 BILLION! One is more likely to read about an “assault” on the constitution than the fact that there are about 30,000 deaths every year from guns in America! Pro gun lobbyists who don’t care who gets killed ignore the fact that children and women are much more likely to die if there’s a gun in their house. These are gun death FACTS!

How can there be any rational discussion of gun control pros and cons when gun death facts are ignored? Sometimes a person might believe that the gun control debate is only about gun owners loosing the privilege of buying assault rifles while ignoring important facts such as there are presently about 89 guns for every 100 people in the USA! Gun owners need to stop crying about themselves and think of the greater good.

Why aren’t there more gun control essays about the harm of guns? It’s because of the NRA. The NRA gets most of its funding from weapons manufacturers. it spends millions in every election trying to defeat gun safety candidates. It raises the question: is the NRA a sports organization, a political organization or lobbyist for the gun industry?

Clearly the answer is political organization and lobbyist. Why else would pro NRA legislators pass write rules that block the National Institute of Health and CDC from even studying gun violence?! In a national debate on public health and safety the NRA has no place at the table. It’s interests are those of weapons makers not citizens.

Gun control is a matter of public safety not gun sales.


Gun Control Facts Are Hard To Believe

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The picture presented by gun control facts may seem incredible. It may be difficult for people to realize that the gun crime scene as shown by gun crime statistics is so grave. There may even be a tendency to dismiss gun control facts as being exaggerated and unreal. But these statistics are collected by people who have high credibility associated with them. Gun death statistics are results of studies made by various agencies, both government and non government. Even the United Nations Organization has involved itself in compiling gun control facts.

Some gun control facts may not give you much information if you look at them in isolation. For example, what can you infer from the fact that every year 30,000 people in our country are killed by guns? Not much. You cannot even judge whether this figure is high or normal. Gut if you look at this data along with a couple of other gun control facts, you will be able to see a clear picture. Take another fact that there are 89 guns for every 100 people in our country. This fact is bound to disturb you since it shows that gun ownership is abnormally high in our country. Looking at these two data along with one other gun death information that if there is a gun in a house,the chances of women and children living in that house falling prey to gun violence are high will make the picture complete.

The obvious conclusion presented by the above gun control facts that more guns will lead to higher incidence of gun deaths does not dawn on some people. The National Rifles Association (NRA) has been in the forefront of the anti gun control movement. Its activities will make you doubt whether the NRA is an association of sportsmen as it claims. It looks more like a highly paid lobby of gun owners, not willing to join the gun control debate since they have nothing to counter the gun control facts.


Do Our Legislators Consider Gun Control Pros And Cons

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There cannot be two opinions about the suggestion that gun control pros and cons should be considered by our legislators before they make up their minds about the need for a stronger gun control regime. But the question is whether they are doing this. Studying gun control pros and cons will be possible only if we have gun control facts updated. But some legislators have been doing everything they can, to stop independent bodies like the CDC from even making a study of gun violence. The legislators who do this seem to owe their allegiance to the National Rifles Association (NRA) which is known to be in the forefront of the anti gun control campaign.

If people are willing to look at the gun control pros and cons, keeping their minds free of prejudices, they will come across some shocking figures revealed by gun crime statistics. One study reveals that in a large number of homicides, guns are used to commit murders. The share of gun death in homicide killings is 60 percent. Anyone weighing gun control pros and cons will interpret this fact to be a definite indicator of the havoc unrestricted gun ownership can cause. People who take the side of the anti gun control campaign in a gun control debate should ponder over this fact.

Apart from gun death statistics, other issues to be covered under gun control pros and cons is the evidence presented in support of either side. While the pro gun ownership groups make out a case for unrestrained gun ownership on the plea that equipping people with guns will save them from becoming victims of crimes, there is no evidence to support this. This kind of assertions are assumptions with no basis. Another argument presented by this group invokes the principle of democracy to claim the right of gun ownership. They fail to understand that restrictions on gun control have the aim of arresting the tyranny caused by misuse of guns and that gun control is needed even to protect democracy.

On the other hand, people who support strong gun control measures are able to give concrete evidence to bolster their position. For example, Australia has demonstrated that crime can be reduced by making gun control laws stronger. This is a fact that should be included in listing gun control pros and cons.


Do Gun control Facts Favor Tighter Gun Control Laws?

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Gun control facts are routinely presented in gun control articles that keep appearing in the newspapers and magazines every now and then. What do these facts reveal? Do gun control facts support the case for a strong gun control legislation or the stand of the anti gun control groups that the existing laws are good enough?

Gun control facts invariably include gun death statistics. Though people who demand the right to own guns claim that guns are needed to protect themselves from robbers, killers and other such criminals, the fact remains that gun, being a death weapon, is invariably associated with gun death. It looks very obvious that the more guns we have, the greater will be the number of deaths resulting from the use of guns. This is not a theoretical inference but a practical reality as shown by gun crime statistics.

Gun control facts show that guns are used in a majority of homicide crimes. If you are interested in figures, gun crimes constitute 60 percent of the homicides. In spite of such damning evidence showing the use of guns to commit crimes, certain groups like the National Rifles Association remain adamant in their anti gun control stand. Rather than countering the gun control facts that damage their case so badly, these groups take shelter under the 2nd amendment. The right to own guns conferred by this law cannot be deemed absolute in the background of the fact that about 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was worked out by people who had no advantage of a formal legal education.

The NRA, in keeping with its goal of no compromise on any gun control measures, chooses to ignore the gun control facts and goes all out in pursuit of its agenda. What can we say about the NRA forcing legislators to support its stand threatening them that they would be defeated in the primaries if they don’t? Such coercive tactics adopted by the NRA has dented its image as a club and made people consider it as a highly paid lobby of gun right activists. But the fact remains that gun control facts are in favor of a strong gun control legislation.


What Gun Crime Statistics Really Tell Us

Gun crime facts

In the wake of the terrible massacre at Newtown, much of the attention about new, stricter regulations on the proliferation of guns has stressed military assault rifles. However, an examination of the facts of gun violence in America clearly shows that new regulations must limit the spread of handguns as well.

Government gun crime statistics show that in fully two thirds of all US murders committed with a gun the homicide is by a HANDGUN. Apparently, military style weapons of mass destruction are the preferred tools of those intent on killing many people quickly. The AVERAGE murder however is the result of shooting someone with a pistol.

Gun crime statistics for all of Great Britain indicate there are only about 550 homicides per year (2011.) Compare that to the USA which had 12,664 murders of which 8583 were from hand guns.

These gun crime statistics are astonishing. That show that in America there are TWENTY THREE people killed for every ONE in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland combined!

Gun control articles also show that there is a genuine correlation between gun deaths and the number of households with guns in them. In the six states with the highest rates of gun ownership, an average of 53 percent of households owned firearms; in the four states with the lowest rates of gun ownership, an average of 13 percent of households contained firearms. From 1988 to 1997, the high gun states had more than 21,000 individuals who were homicide victims, compared with 7,300 in the low gun states. If you lived in a high gun state you were 4.2 times more likely to die in a gun related homicide than those who live in the low gun states.

Gun death statistics are REAL. They give us the reality of gun crime.

As Americans look toward developing better, more effective gun control laws we must permit gun crime statistics to speak to us. Gun control laws that don’t limit handguns will not limit gun deaths.


Will Gun Death Statistics Make The Lawmakers Act?

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Gun death statistics are routinely compiled as statistics on many other issues are. The question is whether our lawmakers are taking notice of them. If they read gun crime statistics even cursorily, they will wake up from their slumber and take some effective steps that can have an alleviating effect on the problem of gun death. Even if they don’t take note of these, these statistics will help people understand the gun control pros and cons.

What do gun death statistics reveal? To me, the most important data revealed by them is about children. Gun control facts indicate that gun ownership and children becoming victims of gun death have a strong positive correlation. If not, how could one explain the startling fact that in locations where more people own guns, a larger number of children are killed by firearms? It will be naïve to ignore the connection and treat this as an insignificant coincidence.

Gun death statistics can effectively counter the argument put up by the anti gun control lobby that making laws on gun ownership more stringent will go against the right to own guns provided by the 2nd amendment, by revealing the fact that almost the entire 2nd amendment, constituting about 99 percent , was the work of people with no background in law, though they might otherwise have been qualified and well meaning in their approach.

Another front that gun death statistics should fight is the NRA which has been lobbying against stricter gun control laws. In spite of the fact that legislators owing allegiance to the NRA go to the extent of blocking CDC from even studying violent incidents involving the use of guns by framing rules that would deter the CDC, gun control statistics can show the alarming picture resulting from the unrestrained use of guns.

Gun control facts can also be used to show how stricter gun control legislation can have a wider impact by preventing suicides as much as murders and other forms of violence.

Gun control statistics can also counter the argument that having more guns would result in reducing the incidence of crime by showing that there is no evidence for this preposterous claim.


The truth about gun crime statistics

If the spectacle of kids’ getting skilled in the use of their parents’ guns is bad enough, what to
say of kids becoming victims of the gun culture? Won’t you be shocked to know that in
states and regions which have higher levels of household firearm ownership, more children
are dying from homicide. People who have a strong conviction that gun ownership will give
them protection are likely to be shaken by this revelation.

Another set of gun crime statistics that will shock you, has to do with the numbers. Can you
guess how many deaths are caused by the use of guns in America? There are, on an average,
30,000 deaths every year. You can decide whether this figure can be considered tolerable.

The damage caused by guns is not limited to precious human lives. There are also economic
damages. The loss caused by gun deaths is estimated to be a staggering figure of $3.7 billion
per annum.

Overall, the Picture presented by gun crime statistics should shock anyone who has a concern
for human lives and reasonable desire for peaceful living. Truth is sometimes lost in a
plethora of statistics. But statistics relating top gun crimes can’t be brushed aside if you
value human life and dignity of living.