Do Gun Control Facts Support Stricter Gun Control Laws?

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Gun control facts are constantly being updated by events unfolding every day. People who read gun control articles frequently will find that these articles are replete with gun death statistics. What is the message conveyed by gun control facts? Do they support the case for a stronger gun control or strengthen the arguments of the anti gun control people? We will look into a few gun crime statistics to find an answer to this question.

Research on gun crime shows that every year about 30,000 deaths are caused by guns in the United States. We may wonder whether this figure is large or not but when we express the number of gun deaths as a ratio of the population figure of our country and compare this ratio with the figures for other countries, we will find that the US ranks worse than several other countries, for example South Africa. This is the picture presented by gun control facts.

Gun control facts also show that there is a direct correlation between the number of guns in a region and the extent of gun crime in that region. Countries that have a smaller number of guns owned by people witness a smaller number of murders. Thus the data extracted from gun control facts clearly point out the need for restricting gun ownership.

But this course of action clearly indicated by gun control facts is not to the liking of some groups that have been opposing gun control reforms. Principal among these groups is the National Rifles Association (NRA). The NRA has been using the 2nd amendment as its weapon to oppose gun control. But it is ignoring the fact that nearly 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was based on the inputs provided by people with no legal background. Some legislators supporting the stand of the NRA also seem to be turning a blind eye to gun control facts. Some of these legislators are even working towards preventing more gun control facts from coming out. They do this by writing some rules that will have the effect of preventing independent bodies like the CDC and the National Institute of Health from even studying gun violence.


Are There New Issues in the Gun Control Debate?

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When did the gun control debate begin? It may be difficult to answer this question. But we have been witnessing that the gun control debate has been going on for too long with absolutely nothing happening on the gun control debate. When gun control pros and cons have been brought out so extensively by the gun control debate, the question arises whether there are new issues to be discussed in these debates.

I think the issues that have to be discussed in any gun control debate are provided by gun death statistics. We have gun crime statistics that show the havoc being caused by uncontrolled gun ownership and gun control facts that show the positive results seen by countries that have implemented strong gun control facts. Let us review some of the issues that can be covered in a gun control debate.

1) One startling information that will have the effect of unsettling people watching the gun control debate is the ratio of guns available in the United States to the population of our country. There is approximately one gun for every American citizen including children. If you are interested in accurate figures, there are 89 guns for a population of 100 people, which works out to about 0.9 gun per each American!

2)A study of homicide crimes reveals that in about 60 percent of these crimes, guns have been used as the murder weapon. People participating in a gun control debate should judge whether gun should be a protective weapon or a destructive weapon.

3)A third fact that should be invariably revealed in any gun control debate is that women and children are likely to be victims of gun death if the houses they live in have guns. This is another data damaging to the claims of the gun control opponents.

4) What are the results of gun control measures in other countries? Australia which has brought in stronger gun laws has witnessed a steep fall in gun violence, by about 60 percent.

There are certain lobbies who do not pay heed to this kind of information revealed in a gun control debate and keep persisting with their anti gun control stand. The NRA (National Rifles Association), though considered to be a gun club, functions like a lobby and is not perturbed by the facts brought out by the gun control debate.


Do Our Legislators Consider Gun Control Pros And Cons

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There cannot be two opinions about the suggestion that gun control pros and cons should be considered by our legislators before they make up their minds about the need for a stronger gun control regime. But the question is whether they are doing this. Studying gun control pros and cons will be possible only if we have gun control facts updated. But some legislators have been doing everything they can, to stop independent bodies like the CDC from even making a study of gun violence. The legislators who do this seem to owe their allegiance to the National Rifles Association (NRA) which is known to be in the forefront of the anti gun control campaign.

If people are willing to look at the gun control pros and cons, keeping their minds free of prejudices, they will come across some shocking figures revealed by gun crime statistics. One study reveals that in a large number of homicides, guns are used to commit murders. The share of gun death in homicide killings is 60 percent. Anyone weighing gun control pros and cons will interpret this fact to be a definite indicator of the havoc unrestricted gun ownership can cause. People who take the side of the anti gun control campaign in a gun control debate should ponder over this fact.

Apart from gun death statistics, other issues to be covered under gun control pros and cons is the evidence presented in support of either side. While the pro gun ownership groups make out a case for unrestrained gun ownership on the plea that equipping people with guns will save them from becoming victims of crimes, there is no evidence to support this. This kind of assertions are assumptions with no basis. Another argument presented by this group invokes the principle of democracy to claim the right of gun ownership. They fail to understand that restrictions on gun control have the aim of arresting the tyranny caused by misuse of guns and that gun control is needed even to protect democracy.

On the other hand, people who support strong gun control measures are able to give concrete evidence to bolster their position. For example, Australia has demonstrated that crime can be reduced by making gun control laws stronger. This is a fact that should be included in listing gun control pros and cons.


I Need Another Gun Control Article!

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I think that there is a need for one more gun control article. When there are hundreds of gun control articles doing the rounds in the print media as well as in the web world,what is the need for one more gun control article? I have a good reason for asking for this. The need for another gun control essay is that I want to enhance the quality of the ongoing gun control debate.

I know that gun control pros and cons are not being discussed in the gun control debates. But I find that there are two shortcomings in the campaign being carried on through gun control articles. One is that gun control facts are not being properly presented and the other is that some of the arguments put in by the anti gun control people are not being effectively countered.

How could the new gun control article overcome these two shortcomings? I have a few suggestions. Let me start with the gun death statistics. When statistics are presented on a serious issue like gun death, it is not enough to just quote some figures. The statistical data has to be analyzed and the summary of the analysis should be presented in a simple way. People may not be inclined to read the figures they see in the newspapers. But people will be interested in reading the analysis reports that appear in gun control articles. For example, instead of giving the death toll caused by gun violence, the article can report that a larger number of children are killed in gun violence in regions that house a larger number of guns. This kind of an analysis will help the readers to understand the correlation between gun ownership and gun crime. Another kind of analysis can point out that the US has the highest ratio of guns to population in the world, with 89 guns for 100 people.

The second task to be taken up by gun control articles is to deal with specious arguments advanced by the gun lobby. For example, the National Association of Rifles (NRA) which, whatever its name may suggest, is but a lobby, has been harping on the right of gun ownership sanctioned by the 2nd amendment. The gun control article should put the issue in perspective by revealing the information that 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was prepared by people who had no legal education.


Contents Of A Gun control Essay

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I would like to share the contents of a gun control essay I have read recently. This well written essay had two types of contents. One was gun crime statistics showing how gun ownership had been contributing to an increase in gun related crimes. The other type of content dealt with gun control facts organized in a simple and intelligible way.

What I liked about this gun control essay was that unlike some other gun control articles which had treated the issue in a partisan way, this essay dealt with the gun control pros and cons. That was what made this gun control essay not only balanced but also interesting. By presenting both sides of the issue, this essay had assumed the form of a lively gun control debate.

This gun control essay quoted various figures from gun death statistics. I will confine myself to only two sets of statistics. One was about the number of gun deaths expressed as a percentage of the population, for various countries. What made me sad was that the figures for the United States, one of the greatest nations of the world were worse than the corresponding figures for South Africa. Another set of gun control facts listed had to do with Economy You may wonder about the connection between gun control and the Economy. Surprisingly, there is a connection. The economic loss suffered by the US every year on account of gun crime is estimated to be a staggering figure of 3.7 million dollars.

The second category of content on gun control facts presented by this interesting gun control essay consisted of two conclusions arrived at by studying the situations in different countries. One was that countries that had strong laws for controlling guns had smaller number of crimes. The other was that gun control measures not only prevented murders but also succeeded in reducing the number of suicide deaths.

This gun control essay also dealt with the arguments made out by the anti gun control lobbies. By way of countering the oft repeated argument that the US citizens were granted the right to own guns by this law, this gun control essay brought to light the fact that this amendment for its most part was the work of people with no education or training in law.


What Gun Control Facts Reveal About The Need For Gun Control Laws

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Gun control facts present a gloomy picture about the uncontrolled use of guns. Even as the gun control debate has been going on almost eternally with no breakthrough occurring in the issue, facts and figures based on gun crime statistics show the picture clearly. If you are confused by the gun control pros and cons and are still unable to make up your mind on the need for a stronger legislation on gun control, these facts may help you to make up your mind.
Let us see how gun control facts can counter the arguments presented by people who swear by the right to own and carry guns.

1) The right to own and bear guns has been given by the 2nd amendment. This right can’t be taken away:
This is one of the most forceful arguments used by the anti gun control people. Gun control facts will go to show that that the 2nd amendment by which the champions of gun rights swear, was written by people who had no legal education. Not the entire act, but only 99 percent of it! In the light of this fact, this argument will not stand especially when viewed against alarming gun crime statistics.

2) Having a gun is a defense against violence:
Though this argument may sound plausible, gun control facts show that there is no evidence to back the claim that allowing more people to own guns will reduce crime. On the other hand, gun death statistics show that in those homes that have guns, the chances of women and children becoming victims of gun death are much higher. Another study shows that in cities and towns that have a higher proportion of households owning guns, the proportion of children dying of gun is high.

3) Gun control laws have no place in a democracy:
While this claim can be dismissed as frivolous even without considering it, it will be pertinent to point out that laws in a democracy seek to curb violence not gun ownership.

On a positive note, gun control facts will show that strict laws can go a long way in reducing violence, citing the example of Australia where after gun control laws were tightened, gun violence was reduced by 60 percent