What Do Gun Death Statistics Show?

Gun death

We have a lot of gun death statistics. These figures get updated with every incident of gun violence that take place several times a day at many places in the country. Perhaps, the only other data that gets updated faster than gun death statistics is the population statistics! The fact that gun death has assumed a proportion comparable with births is quite alarming. But do we pay attention to what gun death statistics show? Do these facts show that we have a strong gun control legislation or do they point to the need for tightening the laws to make them more effective?

Gun control facts show that in our country we have an average of 0.9 gun per person. This is the interpretation from gun death statistics showing that for 100 Americans, there are 89 guns. If we consider the ratio only for the adult population, the gun ownership will be more than one gun person and it can be two or more per family. Is this not an abnormal figure? Can we still say that we do not need any gun control law? We can say that only if we choose to damn gun death statistics. Fortunately, most of us will not be so insensitive as to adopt such a callous attitude as pro gun lobbies do!

When we talk about pro gun lobbies, one name that will immediately come to our minds is the NRA (National Rifles Association), one of the leading members of the group. We cannot be blamed if he activities of the NRA make us wonder whether this is a gun club or a lobby. The NRA and other opponents of gun control pay no heed to gun crime statistics. Gun control pros and cons are of no concern to them. They are not interested in a meaningful gun control debate either. Their only argument is based on the assumption that gun ownership will protect people from being attacked and will hence prevent crime. There is no evidence to support this assumption. In fact, the gun death statistics support the opposite view. Studies made in many countries have established that countries that have a smaller number of guns have a smaller number of crimes. It is also shown that countries that have brought in strict gun laws have reported a decrease not only in the number of crimes but also in the number of suicides.


Where Are The Gun Crime Facts?

Gun death

Most American are familiar with the basic gun crime facts, at least the most important one: How many gun deaths occur in the US each year. In case you don’t know, the number is about 30,000 people. Of these about 8500 are homicide and the rest are suicides. These are shocking gun death facts.
Perhaps even more significant is that almost three times that many people are wounded, grievously, by gun shots but don’t die. This is an appalling gun fact. Added to this shock is that Americans cannot get an exact number of gun injuries because the agencies charged will collecting this data are prohibited from doing so regarding gun crime facts.

Our national health agencies, specifically the National Institute of Health and the Center for Diseae Control have been subjected to regulations that restrict them from collecting facts if those facts will cast gun ownership in a negative light!

Naturally, the prohibition on gun facts inhibits conversations on gun control. How can American have an open sensible gun control debate if gun crime facts are prohibited from being collected? Gun control is a burning issue in America and yet gun crime facts are intentionally kept from us.

How did it come to pass that in the United States of America basic data like gun crime facts are prohibited from being collected? Blame the NRA. The NRA and a few unethical legislators who worked quietly outside of public scrutiny to shield gun manufacturers from having to confront the facts of the harm their products do in our society.

Here are the facts in a gun control article from journalist Anne Landman: “Why? Because the National Rifle Association (NRA) has long worked behind the scenes to block laws allowing the collection and dissemination of data about the impact of gun ownership on Americans’ safety. The NRA quietly pushed a provision that was inserted into the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) restricting the data doctors can collect from their patients about their ownership and use of firearms. From 1986 and 1996, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control conducted peer reviewed research into the impact of the presence of guns in people’s homes. While there is a widespread belief among gun owners that the presence of guns in their homes makes them safer, the CDC found the opposite — that having a gun in the home creates a 2.7 times greater risk of homicide and a 4.8 greater risk of suicide for the occupants. The NRA took action to prevent CDC from publicizing these results, and blocked continued funding of government research into the impact of firearms on citizen safety. An NRA congressional lobbyist got an amendment slipped into an appropriations bill cutting $2.6 million from CDC’s budget (the amount CDC had been spending on firearm research annually) along with a clause that says say “None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” What’s more, the federal agency responsible for regulating guns in the U.S. has been without a permanent director for six years…by design. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was split off from the U.S. Treasury Department nine years ago and since then Republican elected leaders, beholden to the gun lobby, have blocked confirmation of a director.”

Americans have the right to all gun crime facts so that we can make the best gun law!


Gun Control Debate Has To Address New Issues

Gun control pros and cons

The gun control debate is one of the oldest and one of the longest running events of our times. Though it may be difficult to point out when exactly the gun control debate began, we can say that the debate gained momentum after President Kennedy was killed by the bullets fired from a gun in 1963. Since then, the gun control debate has been becoming more and more intensive, with new gun control facts added every day, making the debate dynamic and vibrant

Since gun control pros and cons have already been discussed in detail, the gun control debate should take up new issues. These issues are new data relating to gun crime statistics that will make the debate more meaningful and the attitude of the people who have been vehemently opposing gun control. By way of presenting the situation indicated by gun death statistics, the control debate should highlight how the US stands in comparison with other countries, when the number of gun deaths in a country is expressed as a ratio to the population of that country by showing that the US is ranked worse than South Africa in the number of gun deaths for a population of 100,000

Another fact to be covered in the gun control debate is that in places where gun ownership is high, a larger number of children become victims of gun violence. Another related fact to be presented is that in homes that have guns, the chances of women and children getting killed by guns are high. These two facts presented in a debate will make people realize the urgent need to bring in a strong gun control legislation. Gun control debate can also reveal that the gun control issue is not only about controlling crimes and maintaining law and order. The issue has an impact on the economy as well in that the US economy suffers a huge loss amounting to 3.7 billion dollars annually, as a result of gun crime.

Apart from listing facts and figures, the gun control debate should also look at the approaches of the pro gun and the anti gun control groups. The fact that the NRA (National Rifles Association) does not function like a political organization but like a lobbyist body should be revealed by the gun control debate.


I Need Another Gun Control Article!

Gun crime statistics

I think that there is a need for one more gun control article. When there are hundreds of gun control articles doing the rounds in the print media as well as in the web world,what is the need for one more gun control article? I have a good reason for asking for this. The need for another gun control essay is that I want to enhance the quality of the ongoing gun control debate.

I know that gun control pros and cons are not being discussed in the gun control debates. But I find that there are two shortcomings in the campaign being carried on through gun control articles. One is that gun control facts are not being properly presented and the other is that some of the arguments put in by the anti gun control people are not being effectively countered.

How could the new gun control article overcome these two shortcomings? I have a few suggestions. Let me start with the gun death statistics. When statistics are presented on a serious issue like gun death, it is not enough to just quote some figures. The statistical data has to be analyzed and the summary of the analysis should be presented in a simple way. People may not be inclined to read the figures they see in the newspapers. But people will be interested in reading the analysis reports that appear in gun control articles. For example, instead of giving the death toll caused by gun violence, the article can report that a larger number of children are killed in gun violence in regions that house a larger number of guns. This kind of an analysis will help the readers to understand the correlation between gun ownership and gun crime. Another kind of analysis can point out that the US has the highest ratio of guns to population in the world, with 89 guns for 100 people.

The second task to be taken up by gun control articles is to deal with specious arguments advanced by the gun lobby. For example, the National Association of Rifles (NRA) which, whatever its name may suggest, is but a lobby, has been harping on the right of gun ownership sanctioned by the 2nd amendment. The gun control article should put the issue in perspective by revealing the information that 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was prepared by people who had no legal education.


Should We Not Act To Bring Down Incidents Of Gun Death?

Gun control pros and cons

The term gun death sounds horrible to me. I know that death is bound to occur but should we allow the monster of gun death to raise its head again and again? Gun control facts show that increase in gun ownership has not brought about a decrease in crime. The reality is different from the claims made by some groups that people need guns in order to fight crimes. Gun crime statistics reveal the result to be the opposite.

In studying the facts about gun death, let us start with homicides. What do gun death statistics indicate? Nearly 60 percent of homicides have involved the use of gun. This means that gun death is dominating the crime scene. Some arguments made in a gun control debate invoke the 2nd amendment. Since the 2nd amendment has permitted people to own and carry guns, there should be no control on buying and keeping guns, goes the argument. Fortunately, the protagonists of uncontrolled gun ownership do not claim the right to cause a gun death on the ground that people have the right to use their guns!

The argument about the 2nd amendment is misplaced, for two reasons. First, the people behind this law were not lawyers. They had no legal background at all. Hence they might have been unaware of the legal issues involved in allowing people to own guns. Secondly, amending a law is dictated by the needs of time and this will mean no disrespect to the framers of the 2nd amendment.

On the other hand, the need to act on the gun death problem can be better understood if we study the actions taken by other governments and their impact on crime. Australia, for example, has succeeded in cutting down its crimes by about 60 percent by making gun control laws. Gun death is not an issue concerned with human lives, though anything concerned with human lives should be treated seriously. Statistics show that the United States is suffering an annual loss of over 3.7 billion dollars as a consequence of gun crime. Therefore, gun control becomes a serious issue even from an economic point of view.


The truth about gun crime statistics

If the spectacle of kids’ getting skilled in the use of their parents’ guns is bad enough, what to
say of kids becoming victims of the gun culture? Won’t you be shocked to know that in
states and regions which have higher levels of household firearm ownership, more children
are dying from homicide. People who have a strong conviction that gun ownership will give
them protection are likely to be shaken by this revelation.

Another set of gun crime statistics that will shock you, has to do with the numbers. Can you
guess how many deaths are caused by the use of guns in America? There are, on an average,
30,000 deaths every year. You can decide whether this figure can be considered tolerable.

The damage caused by guns is not limited to precious human lives. There are also economic
damages. The loss caused by gun deaths is estimated to be a staggering figure of $3.7 billion
per annum.

Overall, the Picture presented by gun crime statistics should shock anyone who has a concern
for human lives and reasonable desire for peaceful living. Truth is sometimes lost in a
plethora of statistics. But statistics relating top gun crimes can’t be brushed aside if you
value human life and dignity of living.


Gun crimes and statistics

You may wonder why gun crime statistics should shock you when statistics, in general, are either
largely ignored by the public or looked at with skepticism. It is true that statistics are not the
most exciting thing in the world and one may be excused for not bothering about them. But
you can’t afford to adopt a casual attitude towards gun crime statistics.

Do you know that 60% of the murders occurring in the United States are by the use of firearms.
Well, homicide is bad whichever way it is committed but the fact that a vast majority of
them are committed using guns adds a new dimension to the crimes. A killer will not only
find the gun an easy weapon to commit the crime but will also be more inclined to act
impulsively. Holding a gun can be highly tempting even for an average person to use it,
especially when he has a target at hand.

Therefore it is no wonder that more gun crimes occur in a society which has a higher proportion
of people possessing guns. Gun crime statistics show that the US has a larger number of gun
deaths per 10,000 citizens than even a country like South Africa. Ranking below South Africa
on this count is a definite pointer to the alarming situation of the disaster potential of gun

We often come across instances of children getting involved in gun crimes. This is not surprising,
given the fact that about 39 percent of the children in the U.S. knew where their parents will
keep the guns. Perhaps you would like to know the percentage of children who know how to
load their parents’ firearms! So, gun crime statistics can neither be ignored nor treated with
skepticism and contempt.



Gun control statistics

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