Fighting For the Truth on Gun Control

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There are many gun control articles that talk about the second amendment. One recent gun control essay completely ignored gun death and gun death statistics and focused instead on the idea that more guns in the hands of the public reduces crime. That’s absurd; there isn’t any evidence that more guns reduces crime in the America. However, the reverse is true. In 1996 strict gun control laws were instituted in Australia which reduced gun violence by 60 percent ! FACT!

Many on line gun control articles ignore the economic damages caused by gun deaths which are estimated at$3.7 billion a year. That is $3.7 BILLION! One is more likely to read about an “assault” on the constitution than the fact that there are about 30,000 deaths every year from guns in America! Pro gun lobbyists who don’t care who gets killed ignore the fact that children and women are much more likely to die if there’s a gun in their house. These are gun death FACTS!

How can there be any rational discussion of gun control pros and cons when gun death facts are ignored? Sometimes a person might believe that the gun control debate is only about gun owners loosing the privilege of buying assault rifles while ignoring important facts such as there are presently about 89 guns for every 100 people in the USA! Gun owners need to stop crying about themselves and think of the greater good.

Why aren’t there more gun control essays about the harm of guns? It’s because of the NRA. The NRA gets most of its funding from weapons manufacturers. it spends millions in every election trying to defeat gun safety candidates. It raises the question: is the NRA a sports organization, a political organization or lobbyist for the gun industry?

Clearly the answer is political organization and lobbyist. Why else would pro NRA legislators pass write rules that block the National Institute of Health and CDC from even studying gun violence?! In a national debate on public health and safety the NRA has no place at the table. It’s interests are those of weapons makers not citizens.

Gun control is a matter of public safety not gun sales.


Should We Not Act To Bring Down Incidents Of Gun Death?

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The term gun death sounds horrible to me. I know that death is bound to occur but should we allow the monster of gun death to raise its head again and again? Gun control facts show that increase in gun ownership has not brought about a decrease in crime. The reality is different from the claims made by some groups that people need guns in order to fight crimes. Gun crime statistics reveal the result to be the opposite.

In studying the facts about gun death, let us start with homicides. What do gun death statistics indicate? Nearly 60 percent of homicides have involved the use of gun. This means that gun death is dominating the crime scene. Some arguments made in a gun control debate invoke the 2nd amendment. Since the 2nd amendment has permitted people to own and carry guns, there should be no control on buying and keeping guns, goes the argument. Fortunately, the protagonists of uncontrolled gun ownership do not claim the right to cause a gun death on the ground that people have the right to use their guns!

The argument about the 2nd amendment is misplaced, for two reasons. First, the people behind this law were not lawyers. They had no legal background at all. Hence they might have been unaware of the legal issues involved in allowing people to own guns. Secondly, amending a law is dictated by the needs of time and this will mean no disrespect to the framers of the 2nd amendment.

On the other hand, the need to act on the gun death problem can be better understood if we study the actions taken by other governments and their impact on crime. Australia, for example, has succeeded in cutting down its crimes by about 60 percent by making gun control laws. Gun death is not an issue concerned with human lives, though anything concerned with human lives should be treated seriously. Statistics show that the United States is suffering an annual loss of over 3.7 billion dollars as a consequence of gun crime. Therefore, gun control becomes a serious issue even from an economic point of view.


The Real Issues Behind Gun Control

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When we think of gun control, the first thing that comes to our mind is gun death. Gun being a death weapon, the connection seems to be inevitable. Gun crime statistics also establish a connection between gun death and gun ownership. The logic seems to be simple. The more guns you have, the more gun deaths there will be. This is not a speculative statement but one based on gun death statistics.

Anyone studying the issue of gun control has to consider the facts about gun ownership and gun crime. Consider these two facts. The first one is that the US population has a proportionately higher gun ownership. While the US population is only 5 percent of the population of the world, 50 percent of the privately owned guns in the world are held by the US. The second fact is that every year, there are about 30,000 gun deaths in the United States. When we consider these two gun control facts together, we will be led to only one conclusion. The extent of gun crime is directly proportional to the extent of gun ownership.

If the above facts are not adequate to support gun control, look at one more data. It has been found that the suicidal rates are higher in those areas where the number of guns are higher. This correlation should cause concern even to the complacent ones. The question is whether we should afford a chance to people In our homes to kill themselves in a moment of emotional outburst, by readily making guns available to them in our homes.

Unfortunately, people against gun control do not pay heed to these gun control facts that have been brought out by various gun control articles. The National Rifles Association (the NRA) with its stance of no compromise is doing everything to prevent gun control. Its activities make one question its claim to be an association of sportsmen and consider it to be a body of lobbyists.


Gun Control Article Adds Value To The Gun Control Debate

Gun control essay

A gun control article I read recently presented the gun control pros and cons in great detail and helped me to understand the issue in depth. I have come across many a gun control essay but this article was more impressive because it used a lot of gun death statistics.

I have been coming across reports of homicides in newspapers and television news everyday but I have never thought deeply about the issue. This gun control essay revealed to me for the first time that guns were used in about 60 percent of homicide crimes. This is definitely disturbing to anyone interested in the gun control debate.

People often cite the 2nd amendment to oppose gun control on the plea that the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by this act. This gun control article pointed out that that about 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was drafted by people who had no formal legal education. While giving due credit to the knowledge and good intentions of the great people involved in drafting this act, this article made a meaningful assertion that this fact should not be ignored in our attempts to tighten gun control laws.
This gun control article also laid bare the fact that the National Rifle Association (NRA) had been following a policy of not compromising on its obstinate insistence on the protection of the right of gun ownership conferred by the 2nd amendment. No solution to a contentious issue like gun control could be found unless there was a spirit of compromise on both the sides.

No gun control essay can be complete without discussing issues on a comparative basis. The gun control article I am discussing here had a comprehensive coverage of gun control pros and cons by studying the situations in other countries. It pointed out the situation in Australia where stricter gun control laws had brought down gun violence by 60 percent .

This gun control article ended with a positive note by bringing an unusual side to the issue. It said that effective gun control laws could bring down not only murders but suicides as well.