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What Do Gun Death Statistics Show?

Gun death

We have a lot of gun death statistics. These figures get updated with every incident of gun violence that take place several times a day at many places in the country. Perhaps, the only other data that gets updated faster than gun death statistics is the population statistics! The fact that gun death has assumed a proportion comparable with births is quite alarming. But do we pay attention to what gun death statistics show? Do these facts show that we have a strong gun control legislation or do they point to the need for tightening the laws to make them more effective?

Gun control facts show that in our country we have an average of 0.9 gun per person. This is the interpretation from gun death statistics showing that for 100 Americans, there are 89 guns. If we consider the ratio only for the adult population, the gun ownership will be more than one gun person and it can be two or more per family. Is this not an abnormal figure? Can we still say that we do not need any gun control law? We can say that only if we choose to damn gun death statistics. Fortunately, most of us will not be so insensitive as to adopt such a callous attitude as pro gun lobbies do!

When we talk about pro gun lobbies, one name that will immediately come to our minds is the NRA (National Rifles Association), one of the leading members of the group. We cannot be blamed if he activities of the NRA make us wonder whether this is a gun club or a lobby. The NRA and other opponents of gun control pay no heed to gun crime statistics. Gun control pros and cons are of no concern to them. They are not interested in a meaningful gun control debate either. Their only argument is based on the assumption that gun ownership will protect people from being attacked and will hence prevent crime. There is no evidence to support this assumption. In fact, the gun death statistics support the opposite view. Studies made in many countries have established that countries that have a smaller number of guns have a smaller number of crimes. It is also shown that countries that have brought in strict gun laws have reported a decrease not only in the number of crimes but also in the number of suicides.