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The Real Issues Behind Gun Control

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When we think of gun control, the first thing that comes to our mind is gun death. Gun being a death weapon, the connection seems to be inevitable. Gun crime statistics also establish a connection between gun death and gun ownership. The logic seems to be simple. The more guns you have, the more gun deaths there will be. This is not a speculative statement but one based on gun death statistics.

Anyone studying the issue of gun control has to consider the facts about gun ownership and gun crime. Consider these two facts. The first one is that the US population has a proportionately higher gun ownership. While the US population is only 5 percent of the population of the world, 50 percent of the privately owned guns in the world are held by the US. The second fact is that every year, there are about 30,000 gun deaths in the United States. When we consider these two gun control facts together, we will be led to only one conclusion. The extent of gun crime is directly proportional to the extent of gun ownership.

If the above facts are not adequate to support gun control, look at one more data. It has been found that the suicidal rates are higher in those areas where the number of guns are higher. This correlation should cause concern even to the complacent ones. The question is whether we should afford a chance to people In our homes to kill themselves in a moment of emotional outburst, by readily making guns available to them in our homes.

Unfortunately, people against gun control do not pay heed to these gun control facts that have been brought out by various gun control articles. The National Rifles Association (the NRA) with its stance of no compromise is doing everything to prevent gun control. Its activities make one question its claim to be an association of sportsmen and consider it to be a body of lobbyists.