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What Gun Crime Statistics Really Tell Us

Gun crime facts

In the wake of the terrible massacre at Newtown, much of the attention about new, stricter regulations on the proliferation of guns has stressed military assault rifles. However, an examination of the facts of gun violence in America clearly shows that new regulations must limit the spread of handguns as well.

Government gun crime statistics show that in fully two thirds of all US murders committed with a gun the homicide is by a HANDGUN. Apparently, military style weapons of mass destruction are the preferred tools of those intent on killing many people quickly. The AVERAGE murder however is the result of shooting someone with a pistol.

Gun crime statistics for all of Great Britain indicate there are only about 550 homicides per year (2011.) Compare that to the USA which had 12,664 murders of which 8583 were from hand guns.

These gun crime statistics are astonishing. That show that in America there are TWENTY THREE people killed for every ONE in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland combined!

Gun control articles also show that there is a genuine correlation between gun deaths and the number of households with guns in them. In the six states with the highest rates of gun ownership, an average of 53 percent of households owned firearms; in the four states with the lowest rates of gun ownership, an average of 13 percent of households contained firearms. From 1988 to 1997, the high gun states had more than 21,000 individuals who were homicide victims, compared with 7,300 in the low gun states. If you lived in a high gun state you were 4.2 times more likely to die in a gun related homicide than those who live in the low gun states.

Gun death statistics are REAL. They give us the reality of gun crime.

As Americans look toward developing better, more effective gun control laws we must permit gun crime statistics to speak to us. Gun control laws that don’t limit handguns will not limit gun deaths.